Schools fail lead tests while many states don't require testing at all | August 2017

Thousands of schools scrambled to test after learning that lead had seeped into the public water supply and created a public health crisis in Flint, Michigan, but lead experts say the majority of schools across the country still don’t know what’s in their water.


How Redistricting Could Dampen the Political Power of Latinos | December 2015

Evenwel v. Abbott is the latest in a string of redistricting efforts in Latino-majority states, and has the capacity to diminish the political power of the fastest growing population in the country.

After Houston Defeat, Transgender Rights Activists Look to What’s Next | November 2015

Leaders of top LGBT organizations are sounding the alarm on the campaign trail, demanding that presidential candidates propose nondiscrimination protections for the transgender community after Houston voters rejected an equal rights ordinance earlier this month.

Hillary Clinton and the Race to Win the Millennial Female Vote | September 2015

Despite appearances alongside Hollywood’s finest, Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton is facing her sharpest poll drops in months, including a slip with young female voters.

Madeleine Albright Blasts GOP Rhetoric on Refugees | November 2015

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who came to the United States 67 years ago after her exile from Czechoslovakia, blasted Republican presidential candidates for their rhetoric toward Syrian refugees, saying it was based on fear and lack of information.



‘We Are Not Less Than:’ New Yorkers Flock to Stonewall to Honor Orlando | June 2016

People, rainbow flags and shining lights filled the streets around the Stonewall Inn as New Yorkers flocked to the iconic gay bar to honor 49 people who were gunned down in an attack on a club like it in Orlando.

Bill Clinton’s Advance Man: When Candidates Talk, Seize Cell Phones | July 2016

The former advance man talks political debacles of elections past, the Trump anomaly and the future of modern stagecraft.

At Macy’s Rally, Union Members Demand a Fair Contract | June 2016

More than one hundred union members employed by Macy’s rallied outside the Herald Square store on Thursday afternoon to demand a fair contract, just one week before their contract is set to expire.



Women IDPs Undaunted By New Life in Western Ukraine | June 2016

An RFE/RL reporter explores the stories of Ukraine’s internally displaced women, determined to rebuild their lives and often already successfully doing so despite lacking access to financial support and social service.

Trending in Tajikistan: Media Repression | May 2016

Attacks on independent media in Tajikistan have increased markedly over recent months, prompting concern about the future of the country’s few but feisty nongovernment outlets in a region notorious for its hostility toward a free press.



Could Latinos ensure that a demagogue like Trump never wins again? | November 2016

Latino political power is on the rise, and could be further galvanized by a Trump presidency.